School Expectations

You can't keep a teacher from teaching. You can't keep a student from learning.

Responsible Thinking Process (RTP) - If for any reason a student chooses to break any of the rules he/she will go through the following RTP Steps:

-What are you doing?

-What are the rules? or Is that O.K.?

-What happens when you break the rules?

-Is this what you want to happen?

-What do you want to do now?

-What will happen if you disrupt again?

Students will be given one opportunity to change their inappropriate behavior if they choose not to, the following steps will be taken:

-What are you doing?

-What did you say would happen the next time you disrupted?

-Where do you need to go?

The child must leave at once and go to the Responsible Thinking Classroom (RTC). When they want to return and obey the rules, they must be taught how to create a detailed plan and use this plan to negotiate with the person in charge of where they were disrupting.

Severe Act: Office referral -these behaviors include:

- Repeated interruption

- Profanity

- Verbal Abuse

- Defiance of authority

- Physical abuse