Student Uniform

All students attending kindergarten through eighth grade in the Fowler District will be required to wear school uniforms.  The clothing may not be altered in a manner that includes, but is not limited to, slits of shredded hems, logos, other than the school mascot (when allowed), or is disruptive to the educational process.  Bare midriffs are not allowed.  Some exceptions may be allowed due to religious reasons. 

The standard school clothing is:  



  • Colors must be white, light blue or navy

  • Shirts must have sleeves

  • Polo shirts with buttons, or regular shirts and must have collar and sleeves

  • Shirts may be un-tucked but must be no longer than the top of the hand when placed to the side

  • Must not have any logos or writing on them other than school mascot when allowed

  • Must be size appropriate

  • Undershirts worn beneath tops must be white and not visible below the outer shirt.

  • A uniform shirt is to be worn under sweaters, jackets, or other outerwear.

  • Uniform shirts must be worn at all times, unless otherwise approved by the principal.



  • Must be navy blue

  • No denim may be worn

  • No cargo pants nor  cargo shorts

  • Students may wear shorts, skirts, skorts, or slacks  that conform to the 3-4 pocket tailored uniform style

  • All shorts, skirts and skorts must be no shorter than two inches above the knee

  • All shorts must be no longer than two inches below the knee

  • Belts must have no logos

  • Belts may not hang down below the waist line.

  • No logos or writing on bottoms

  • Must be size appropriate

  • Pants must fit at the waist and may not drag the ground – NO SAGGING or BAGGING

  • Sweatpants, spandex, joggers, and tight fitting clothes are not permissible

  • Leggings worn under skirts or skorts must be white or navy blue

  • Gym shorts may not be worn under uniform pants.

  • Uniform bottoms must be worn at all times, unless otherwise approved by the principal.

Shoes are:

  •  To be closed toes

  • To have laces(if applicable)

  • To have same laces on both shoes.

  • Not to have writing on them.

  • To have tongues that are under the tied laces

  • To be the same on both feet

  • Socks are to be the same on both feet.


  • Must be solid white, light blue,  or navy

  • Sweaters and sweat shirts may be worn in the building

  • Sweater hoods may not be worn on the head while inside the buildings

  • Windbreakers, jackets, coats, and any item with a zipper are to be worn outside of the building only.  It must be removed once the student is in the building.


  • No piercing in nose, brow, tongue, or other visible parts of the body (other than ears).

  • Tattoos are not to be visible at any time.

  • Hoop earrings shall be no larger than a fifty-cent coin

  • Earrings shall be no longer than 1 inch long. (i.e. tapers)

  • Make-up products shall be left at home

Dress Code Violations

  • Footwear must be worn at all times.  Safety requirements for specific classes such as industrial technology, life management, physical education and science shall be followed.

  • Hats, visors, bandannas, hairnets, knit stocking, and/or caps are not to be brought to/worn at school.

  • Gang clothing/paraphernalia is prohibited on school property, in school buses and/or at school activities.  Gang paraphernalia is defined as any apparel, altered apparel, jewelry, accessory, notebook, or manner of grooming which, by virtue of its color, arrangement, trademark, or any other attribute which may denote membership in a gang.

  • The school reserves the right to further define appropriate dress for the students.  Santa Maria Middle School has established the following site guidelines for student dress.

  • Students that are out of uniform will be directed to bring their attire into compliance with the dress code, and the following steps will be taken.

  • Students will be allowed to call parents for a change of clothing.  If the parent cannot come, the student will be required to change into ‘loaner’ attire if it is available. The student will not be allowed back in class until the clothing is changed.

Dress Code Violation Consequences

  • Dress code violations 1- warning and parent call.

  • Dress code violations 2-3 will result in a referral for non-compliance with disciplinary points and the corresponding consequence.

  • Dress code violation four (4) will result in a referral, disciplinary points and a two-day off campus suspension.

  • Dress code violations five (5) and above will result in a referral, disciplinary points and a five-day off campus suspension.

  • Questions regarding the dress code may be directed to the Assistant Principal at 707-1100.