How Can I Help the School?


There are many ways to help support Santa Maria:

The school gladly accepts donations of office and school supplies such as :
* Hand Sanitizer
* Clorox/ Lysol wipes
* Boxes of tissue
* Lined notebook paper
* Highlighters
* #2 pencils​

Collect Box Tops!

Here’s a fast and easy way to make big money for our school! Santa Maria collects Box Tops for Education. Each box top is worth money for Santa Maria. The more Box Tops we collect the more money we make for the school!

The Box Tops are the pink labels that are on certain products you use everyday. Things like cereal, fruit snacks, cookie dough and cake mixes.  Keep an eye out for them and when you see one, clip it off, and send it to your child’s homeroom teacher. It’s that easy!


By attending conferences, activity nights, and PTO you can be better informed about school events and decisions. Keep an eye out for meeting dates for:
* Parent Conferences
* PTO meetings
* Curriculum Nights

* Board Meetings

Tax Credit
Arizona allows for parents to donate to extra-curricular school programs and receive a credit on their yearly taxes. These donations make a huge difference for non-academic programs like sports, NJHS and band.  Click the picture below to go to the district tax credit information page.