SMMS Programs

Santa Maria Middle offers a variety of programs to both support and encourage success for all students.

Accelerated Reading meets daily and is designed to support the growth of all students. The primary focus is reading. Students select books at their reading level and through a computer based reading and assessment program called Accelerated Reader (AR), they are provided an opportunity to practice and develop their reading skills. In addition to AR, students can work with their teacher and receive one-on-one tutoring in any academic subject.

After school tutoring is offered to students that have been identified and assigned to the tutoring session after school. They get help with homework, read and have logs signed and complete assignments as needed. The after school tutoring group meets three days a week and comes home on the 5pm bus.

The Responsible Thinking Process (RTC) is our approach to student discipline here at Santa Maria Middle School. This approach is designed to help students assume responsibility for their actions. It focuses student’s thoughts on why their behavior may be inappropriate and through a series of questions, asked by the teacher, provides support for students to use appropriate behavior and remain in class.

Wake-Up is a program sponsored by the Phoenix Police Department, which meets once a week after school from 3:30 to 5:00 pm and one Saturday a month. This program is one of community service. Students visit an "assisted living" care facility, St. Mary’s Food Bank, in addition they will receive mini classes on helping others, anti-gang, and community related classes. Once a year, Wake-Up takes a group of the students camping. While camping they learn team building and how to be responsible in various situations.

Santa Maria Middle's chapter of the National Junior Honor Society is dedicated to service both in and out of school. We work to improve our community and learn leadership skills through service projects such as Box Tops for Education fundraising, Fowler Christmas Angels, campus cleanup, and serving the needs of other clubs and groups on campus. Students in National Junior Honor Society are chosen based on academic excellence, personal integrity and willingness to serve others.

Santa Maria Middle School is also part of The Valley Junior High Athletic Conference, a nonprofit organization that includes twenty-four middle schools in the valley. The middle school student needs to maintain academic eligibility to remain on the school athletic team. Athletes need to maintain passing grades in all academic or special area classes.  Grades that fall below the requirements will be considered ineligible until the next grade check. Sports offered throughout the year include: Boy’s Flag Football,  Boy's & Girl's Soccer, Boy's & Girl's Basketball, Girl's Volleyball, Track & Field, Softball/ Baseball, and Cheerleading.