Useful Links

Useful Websites Below
Check these sites to: study, play and keep learning!

1. CNN Student News
This site is kids friendly and offers news that keeps interested in events around the world.

 This site is great for visual and media of historical events. 

3. Skills PracticeI like this site for good ole back to basic review. This site is great to practice with younger siblings.

 4. ThinkReadWrite; Offer ideas to parents to keep their kids learning about being a better writer.
5. SCHOLASTIC NEWS: This site is great for checking out news at a middle school resources and if offers a bunch of fun resources for all subjects.

 6.  Study Guides and StrategiesThis site can help students become better studier and more organized in the classroom.  It uses step by step guides to find out which strategy is best for you.  It also offers help for adults, so this is a great site for the whole family.

 7.  BBC Skill Wise.  Great help on grammar.

 8.   Scholarship Help: Help to get scholarship for college or trade school.

 9.  Learning games for kid:  This website makes learning fun!