Mrs. Fraijo


Mrs. Janet R. Fraijo
English Language Development 
 6th-8th Grades
Room 206
(623) 707-1094 

I recently graduated from Grand Canyon University with a Master of Education in Educational Administration, Class of 2016. I also have a Master of Arts in English from Philippine Christian University in 1989; graduated in 1985 from the same university with a degree in Bachelor of Arts major in English.
Previously, I was  a full time instructor of college English courses
at the University of the City of Manila, 
a state university, and part-time college instructor 
at De La Salle University,
and Centro Escolar University
 in Manila, Philippines for five years. 

Not only am I a certified  secondary English teacher
in Texas and Arizona, but in the Philippines,
I am also a national board certified teacher for life. 

At this school district, particularly
at Santa Maria Middle School,
we believe  and are doing what we can,
so that your children can learn and
succeed in school  for a better future,
no exceptions!