Book Recommendations

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Books Like Twilight and Hunger Games

My oldest loved Hunger Games so much that she read the series 5 times. She liked Twilight also but was less devoted. When she ran out of “good books to read,” I thought it would be easy to find similar series for her. Alas, no. It turns out that she has very specific requirements. The vampires have to be in a MODERN SETTING was a big one. C. C. Hunter’s Born at Midnight series fits the bill perfectly and it skews a tad younger than Twilight.

Born at Midnight
series by C. C. Hunter is the winner!

Picks from Our Middle School Librarian (by Genre)

Our middle school librarian created a wonderful book list by genre including: Adventure/Mystery, Realistic Fiction, Humorous, Historical Fiction, Graphic Novels, Fantasy, Horror/ Supernatural, Science Fiction, Biographies & Non-Fiction, and Poetry.

Great New-ish Books for Middle School

This great list is from the Newton Free Library system. It has great detailed book reviews if you click on the title. I found many of our favorite new books there that are middle school approved by my daughter and her friends. Also Karen Day is a local author and every kid who has read her books has raved about them!

My Favorite Book from 90 6th Graders

When wandering the halls of my daughter’s middle school at Parent Visiting Day, I spotted two bulletin boards with a first day assignment each new 6th grader did in which they listed their favorite book or books. I wrote them all down in my iPhone and posted them here. It’s from the horse’s mouth!


Best Graphic Novels for Middle School 

I have become a great fan of graphic novels and these are some new favorites of ours. I could use more ideas. What graphic novels do you like?

Best Historical Fiction from The Fourth Musketeer

The Fourth Musketeer is a bloggy friend of mine who is a librarian with a great blog focusing on Historical Fiction for kids and teens. I asked her to guest post for me on her favorite books of the year — she only posts on newly published books — and this is her list.

Top 10 Middle School Picks by My 6th Grade Daughter

This post got tons of traffic and complimentary comments. My oldest, then in 5th grade, blogs on her favorite chapter books of the year.

Best YA Title for Boys

There seems to be a real scarcity of great Young Adult books for boys which is a real shame because research shows that reading drops off for boys starting in 7th grade! Try these books if you are noticing your son is reading less.

Thought Provoking and Downright Scary Book Recs from a Middle School Boy Wunderkind

My mother’s helper said that there was a Go To boy at her summer camp who read EVERYTHING and anyone who wanted a great book recommendation went to him. He posted this list in her summer camp newsletter and I copied it.

Great Sports Novels

One strategy to get kids — tweens and teens included — reading more is to match books with things they are interested in. These were the sports chapter books that stood out. What are your favorites and I’ll add to the list. Not every sport is covered so please give your suggestions!


The Final Four is perfect for March Madness and skews young such that it’s fine for middle school. I think any book by Mike Lupica is popular too!


I would hand this chapter book to any kid who worries about making the cut.


Mudville is a new classic to me. And anything about Fenway Park is popular here in Boston!



Children’s Choice Awards

If children, teens and tweens could pick their own books to confer an award, it would be these books because KIDS are actually the judges and vote for their favorites. I’d start with this list for summer reading fun!

 Maximum Ride + Hunger Games = These Book

I’m always on the lookout for new series and these two remind me of two other favorites with both interesting character development and fast paced adventure.

2108 Eyes Open, K L Glanville, sci fi tween, new zealand fiction

Review here

Tweens Who Read 2 to 3 Grades Below

A bloggy friend who is also a teacher requested this list and it took me several iterations to get it right, at least in terms of my kids approving. In finding books for 12-15 year olds who read two to three grades below, I thought about the book being interesting for that age group but also fun and easy to read. Text broken up by graphics, shorter pages, and larger font were all carefully considered. And of course, the book has to grab the reader by the first chapter.

Worst Case Scenario Adventure Books: You Decide How the Book Ends

Choose Your Ending … or rather choose how the book goes down. Using a short reference chapter at the end of the book, the reader gets to decide at each decision point what to do when faced with danger. It’s a fun and exciting format that is particularly great for boys who want to learn as they read.

Josh in 6th Grade Shares His Favorite Books

Recommendations from peers is another great way to “sell” a book to kid. Josh in 6th grade shares two posts of his favorite books and he has great taste!

Josh in 6th Grade Shares His Ten Favorite Books

Massachusetts Book Awards

Our 5th graders are challenged to read the entire list.

Historical Fiction of Brit Amelia Earhart

Her life reads like an action adventure book but it’s all the more fascinating because she is a real person! And she actually makes Amelia Earhart look like a girly-girl wimp.

Middle School Chapter Books from Books4YourKids

Books4YourKids knows her stuff as an indy book store owner. She reviews a pile of newly published books and presents her favorites here.

Top 100 Best Young Adult Books by Persnickety Snark’s Poll

This is from a few years ago, but it’s another way to see what other people like. After months of polling about YA books, these are the books in the order of how many votes they received. A fun list to check out to see if you agree or not.

The Book Thief, Markus Zusak, http://PragmaticMom.comShiver, Maggie Stiefvater, best young adult contemporary fantasy, http://PragmaticMom.comGraceling, Kirstin Cashore, best young adult novels,

Books for the Middle Grade Reluctant Reader

Some ideas for middle school readers who may be good at reading but just don’t like to read.

Multi-Cultural Books for Middle School

If kids need to read about someone like them, try these multi-cultural books.

Top 10 Chapter Book Series Because They Are So Awesome

My 12 year old posted on her favorite chapter book action adventure series and it’s a very popular post for me.

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