Reading Rewards Syllabus


Ms. Nance   623-707-1093

Welcome Santa Maria students and parents to Ms. Nance's Bulldog Reading Rewards class! Reading is one of the most important skills children will ever learn. The student who reads well - and likes to read - will excel in school and achieve personal growth.

Each year our school seeks ways of teaching the strategies and skills needed by students to improve reading abilities. Research demonstrates that reading is the most important factor in a student's literacy development. Literature-based reading allows students to perfect the reading skills they learn so that they can move beyond the struggle of decoding text and begin reading for learning and pleasure.

 This class is an intervention for students who are reading below grade level and is designed to accelerate students' reading abilities through the instruction of comprehension strategies. Students will be able to:

PREDICT: Use clues to make a guess about what might happen or what you will learn.
QUESTION: Ask a question that can be answered from what you have read.
CLARIFY: Make clear the pronunciations or meaning of a word, phrase, sentence, paragraph , or passage.
SUMMARIZE: Tell in your own words the important events or points you have read.

Results on the STAR test, as well as standardized assessments given to all students, indicate that your student could benefit from participation in the Bulldog Reading Rewards Program. Students will meet with me two times a week. This small group instruction is designed to develop needed skills to help students become independent readers. The Reading Rewards program will also encourage a love of reading by developing confidence through practice.

As a reading teacher, my role is to support your student's learning so they may achieve to their highest potential. Ongoing communication between home and school also increases the chance of your child's success. You will be notified about your student's improvement through progress reports, phone calls, and during parent/teacher conference. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at 623-707-1093, or you may email your concerns and questions to Again, I am looking forward to working with you and your student!