Classroom Expectations

Rules for the Class:

  1. Teachers always have the opprotunity to teach.
  2. Students always have the opprotunity to learn.
  3. Try your best!
  4. Be respectful.

These basic rules cover most issues. If a student is preventing the teacher from teaching or another student from learning, he/she is breaking the basic rules.

I try to follow the school's consequences for behavior as closely as possible. On the first infraction students are given a warning. On the second infraction students are removed from their seat. The third time the student is sent up to the office for the RTC room.

It should be noted that if a student is continuing behavior from previous days, that student may be sent to RTC or given a referal without going through the first two steps.

Homework Expectations:
Homework is given every Tuesday, and it is collected the following Tuesday. Homework will always be a review of weeks prior to the week it was assigned.

Quiz Retakes:
Students are always welcome to retake a quiz. A student may retake a quiz as many times as he/she would like until he/she has acheived the kind of grade he/she is satisfied with. I say try, try and try again.

Make Up Work:
It is student's own responsibility to get their make up work. Make up work for all classes is filed in the "Monkey Box" in the back of my room. Assignments are labeled with the name and date collected.