8th Grade Science Common Core Standards by Quarters

8th Grade Science Core Standards for Report Cards

(3 concepts per quarter)



1st Quarter:

Strand 5: Physical Science-Concept1: Properties and Changes of Properties in Matter

  • Identify different kinds of matter based on the following physical properties: states, density, boiling point, melting point, and solubility.
  • Classify matter in terms of elements, compounds, or mixtures.
  • Classify mixtures, as being homogeneous or heterogeneous.



2nd Quarter:

Strand 5: Physical Science-Concept 2: Motion and Forces

  • Identify the conditions under which an object will continue in its state of motion (Newton’s 1st Law of Motion).
  • Describe how the acceleration of a body is dependent on its mass and the net applied force (Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion)
  • Describe forces as interactions between bodies (Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion)



3rd Quarter:

Strand 4: Life Science-Concept 2: Reproduction and Heredity

  • Explain the basic principles of heredity using the human examples of: eye color, widow’s peak, and blood type.
  • Distinguish between the nature of dominant and recessive traits in humans.

Strand 4: Life Science-Concept4: Diversity, Adaptation, and Behavior

  • Explain how an organism’s behavior allows it to survive in an environment.



4th Quarter:

Strand 2: History and Nature of Science-Concept1: History of Science as Human Endeavor

  • Identify how diverse people and/or cultures, past and present, have made important contributions to scientific innovations (eg. Watson and Crick-Strand 4, Rosalind Franklin-Strand 4, Charles Darwin-Strand 4, George Washington Carver-Strand 4, Joseph Priestly- Strand 5, Sir Francis Bacon- Strand 5, Isaac Newton- Strand 5).
  • Evaluate the effects of the following major scientific milestones on society: Mendelian Genetics, Newton’s Laws.
  • Evaluate the impact of a major scientific development occurring with the past decade.