Parent Place

Parent Expectations

1) Parents, please ensure your students read at least five times a week, starting with 30 minutes and a once or twice a week just a little longer.

2) To show an active interest in their students education, we would like to see every parent come to school activities as often as possible (conferences, band concerts, High School Night...)

Running the Reading Race

As a young man I used to run half marathons for fun, many of my friends ran marathons (26.2 miles)… I learned a lot about training. To successfully run a marathon, one needed to “build up” to the distance they were going to run in the race at least once a week for the month prior to the race. A friend found a short cut. He read a report that explained in a stressful situation our bodies can nearly triple what they are already used to. Wanting to run a marathon, he figured he would train my running with me as I trained for half marathons as I worked up to 13.5 miles.

Race day came, I agreed to run the first half with him and he was all excited in the knowledge that his body can nearly triple his training in a stressful situation… we took off with the crowd. He was running as well as he did in his halfhearted, short cut marathon training. Mile 13 he was hurting, but still moving as trained. At the 13.5 mile mark, his body started shutting down, and he started walking. By mile 14, he was done. He couldn’t run anymore, walking hurt, he was sweating profusely and hyperventilating … the medics made him stop.

He trained for a half marathon, and that was all his body would accomplish.

With Standardized testing just around the corner, and knowing testing session will be 1-1.5 hours long, reading and trying to focus on the test, one must wonder…

If a student is only reading 20-30 minutes at any one time, are they training to successfully complete the test or will their system “shut down” and their mind start wandering after their practiced 20-30 minutes?

Once a week in February, and twice a week in March and April, students should read for 45-60 minutes in one session, and train their brain to be successful for standardized testing.