Useful Links

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America 1900
Civil Rights Timeline
Digital History
A wealth of information about American history. There are also biographies, chronologies, maps, and much more.
First Gov
The US government's information portal.
This site has maps and satellite images for the United States and the countries of the world.
Links to the Past
Information on our national parks
My Wonderful World
A campaign by the National Geographic to improve student knowledge of geography. There are resources here for students, teachers, and parents.
Nation Master
An excellent site for statistics from countries of the world.
National Geographic News
Current news of geography and other science and social studies topics
New Deal Network
Picture History
A very large collection of pictures from American History.
Professional Cartoonists' Index
This web site contains an excellent collection of polital cartoons organized by artists' names and by state.
Riding the rails; the Great Depression
Triangle Factory Fire
Using Primary Sources
World Mapper
These maps are resized based on the subject of interest such as population, age, tourism, exports and imports. By the University of Sheffield.
World War One - American's at war
An excellent site for statistics from countries of the world.