Mr. Palmiter


Hello My Name Is...

Mr. Palmiter

Hello! My name is Mr. Palmiter and I am beyond excited to have become a member of the specials team here at SMMS. I am a 2016 graduate of Illinois State University with a degree in Physical Education where I also had the opportunity to represent the university as a member of the rugby team.  Originally from the Chicago suburbs, I moved here to sunny Phoenix this past summer. 

I am an avid sports fan and am also very interested in health and fitness. 


You can find me in the SMMS gym or reach me via email (preferred) at or by calling my phone in the PE office 623-707-1086

2016/2017 Class Schedule
Regular Release (MTWF)
Homeroom (8:40-8:50)
Per. 2- 6th Grade (8:53-9:43)
Per. 3-7th Grade (9:46-10:36)
Per. 4- 8th Grade (10:39-11:29)
 Lunch (11:32-12:02)
Per. 5- 6th Grade (12:04-12:54)
Per. 6- 7th Grade (12:56-1:46)
Per. 7- Prep (1:48- 2:38)
Per.8 - 8th Grade (2:40-3:30)

Early Release (Th)
Homeroom (8:40-8:50)
Per. 2- 6th Grade (8:52-9:32)
Per. 3-7th Grade(9:34-10:14)
Per. 4- 8th Grade(10:16-10:56)
 Lunch (10:58- 11:28)
Per. 5- 6th Grade(11:30- 12:10)
Per. 6- 7th Grade(12:12-12:52)
Per. 7- Prep (12:54-1:34)
Per.8 - 8th Grade(1:36-2:15)