Classroom Expectations


Grades will be calculated with these different areas.

Daily participation grades - 20% 

  • Homework
  • Practice journals (30 mins. daily)
  • Playing and written test

Quizzes - 20%

Performances - 60%

Total = 100%

*Practice journals well be checked every Friday 

1.      The students' daily participation is a must in order for a good rehearsal and overall performance. Students will receive 40 points each class for a total of 200 points per school week points will be lost for the following reasons:


    1. Student not having their instrument, music, books, pencil, reeds or other necessary items.
    2. Inappropriate behavior - Refer to Classroom Rules   and  Consequences
    3. Unexcused tardies to class, rehearsals, or performances.

2.      Pop quizzes either written or performance can be given any time the director deems necessary and are worth 100 points per quiz. Students will always know prior to a written test its worth, if not it will be 100 points.


3.      Concerts and any performance at which the band is scheduled to participate, attendance is mandatory. Failure to participate in a scheduled performance will result in a loss of that quarters' grade. This is subject to change at the   director's discretion. An unexcused absence from a performance will result in a zero no option to make up the grade. Emergency situations will be handled on an individual basis.


4.      Students are expected to arrive on time to performances and other extra curricular activities. Students will lose 25 points off their performance grade for every five minutes tardy.


5.      Students are also expected to act appropriately during performances and demonstrate proper etiquette and sportsmanship. Students may lose points ranging from 25-100 points at a time for inappropriate behavior or conduct.<!--[endif]-->


All assistants and staff have been hired to help the band grow and get the best educational results. These individuals are qualified and have the full backing of the director to handle discipline problems on assigned situations. Students and parents should think of staff members as equals to the director.


Students using school owned instruments, including percussion, will be asked to sign a formal contract. The student and parent will be responsible for all repairs needed to the instrument under the rental period. Students will also be charged for any and all damage to the instrument while under the rented time period.


Students are expected to keep the room well maintained. No food or drinks are permitted in the band room and all trash is to be picked up before the end of class.  Stands and chairs are limited in number so extra care is needed to maintain them in proper order. Failure to cooperate in these matters will result in discipline referrals and principal intervention.


1. Be on time to class with appropriate materials (instrument, music, pencil, etc.).

2. Listen quietly and follow directions

3. Respect yourself, others, and their property.

4. Gum, food, and sodas are not allowed in the classroom.

5. Follow all school-wide rules. 


Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated in any form.

Responsible Thinking Process (RTP) - If for any reason a student chooses to break any of the above rules he/she will go through the following RTP Steps:

  -What are you doing?

  -What are the rules? or Is that O.K.?

  -What happens when you break the rules?

  -Is this what you want to happen?

  -What do you want to do now?

  -What will happen if you disrupt again?

Students will be given one opportunity to change their inappropriate behavior if they choose not to, the following steps will be taken:

  -What are you doing?

  -What did you say would happen the next time you disrupted?

  -Where do you need to go?

The child must leave at once and go to the Responsible Thinking Classroom (RTC). When they want to return and obey the rules, they must be taught how to create a detailed plan and use this plan to negotiate with the person in charge of where they were disrupting.

Severe Act: Office referral -these behaviors include:

  - Repeated interruption

  - Profanity

  - Verbal Abuse

  - Defiance of authority

  - Physical abuse


Students are expected to be on time for class, extra rehearsals, and performances. Students who are not "ready to start" by the appointed time will lose points, 25 points for every five minutes late to rehearsals and performances. (refer to tardy policy in the school agenda)

In the event that a student has a conflict with a rehearsal or performance, the director must know before the event to try and work the situation out.  If students do not notify the director before the event, the absence will be counted as unexcused.

Excused absences are the following:

Medical emergency

Family emergency


Prior approval of the director

Acts of God


A.  Behavior

All students will be expected to set a good example for Santa Maria M. S. and the band program.  No alcohol, drugs or tobacco will be permitted and use of these products are against the law and violations will be handled as such.

Unlawful violations could result in the local authorities being called in and the parents will then resume responsibility for their child no matter the location.

Students who act irresponsible will receive a warning. On the second warning the students' parents will be called to come and get the child immediately no matter the location, and at the parents expense.

B.  Schedules and Itinerary

Students will receive an itinerary in class the week of the trip. Every effort will be made to keep the schedule as close as possible. Itineraries are very detailed and all information should be gone over with students and parents before the trip.

All rules and policies must be followed according to the school and activities association handbooks.  NO EXCEPTIONS!! 


Several fees will be charged during the course of the year. Students will have to pay for their replacement of any loss or damaged music, room equipment, books, etc.

Students are expected to help with expenses of hotels, meals, on out of town trips (if need be).

Students that participate in Solo and Ensemble will be charged an entrance fee and other expenses for rooms and meals may also apply. 


  • Santa Maria Band Polo Shirt ( $12 cash only). TUCKED IN.
  • Black pants. Capri pants, shorts, jeans, are NOT acceptable.
  • Black socks.
  • Black dressy shoes. Tennis shoes or shoes with other colors are NOT acceptable.
  • Black belt if your pants have a belt loop.
  • Neat hair, jewelry, and makeup. Keep it simple!

     1.      Refrain from talking

The first and greatest rule. It also includes whispering during the music.

      2.      No singing, tapping fingers or feet

The musicians do not need your help, and your neighbors need silence. Learn to tap your toes quietly inside your shoes– it’s a good exercise to reduce toe fat.

3.      Please have nothing in your mouth, besides your teeth and tongue

Gum and candy are not allowed.

4.      Do not wear watches with alarms nor jangle jewelry

You may enjoy the sound, but the added percussion is to everyone around you.

5.      Do not open and close your purse nor rip open your velcro wallet
The best plan is to leave purses, etc., back at school or on the locked bus.

6.      Do not sigh with boredom

If you are in agony, keep it to yourself. Your neighbor just may be in ecstasy, which should also be kept under control.

7.      Do not applaud between movements

You may think the music is over, but it is not. You don’t want to be the only one clapping.

8.      Do not embarrass your teacher nor your school

Remember that you are representing your school, and you want to be on your best behavior. There are many eyes looking at you.

9.      Do not read nor play with a toy in your pocket

To listen means just that. Use the time to turn on a “video screen” in your mind and create a story to the music.

10.  Do not go to the concert thinking you will hate the music

You may be surprised– millions of people all over the world enjoy classical music, and if you give yourself a chance, you might, too!