Classroom Information

Band students and parents,

This page is designed to provide information to help parents and students understand all rules and expectations involved with the band programs. The band programs are very involved and will require a lot of time and some monetary expenses. The following pages will help you and your child understand all rules involved with the bands to help ensure a positive experience in the program. Parent involvement is needed to help obtain the best educational experiences.

Band is a co-curricular class. This means that although it has extra-curricular activities it also is a curricular class. Your child will receive a grade on curricular and extra-curricular activities and will be expected to do written work, quizzes, tests, and playing tests as well as keeping practice journals.

Please read following pages carefully to ensure that we all understand what is going to be expected of everyone. These expectations and guidelines are necessary to ensure a quality education and experience with the Santa Maria band program.

Good luck to you and your student in his/her musical training. Let’s work together for a successful experience and one that we will all enjoy very much.

Mr. Xavier Yañez
Music Director 623-707-1100
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