Music Links

Carnegie Hall Listening Adventures - Interactively learn about sound, music notation, text, and instruments.

Making Tracks - Make a tune.

Play a Piano - Play an online piano.

Creating Music - An online site where kids can compose music, play with musical performance, music games and music puzzles.

Global Groovin' - Mix music using instruments from around the world.

40 Percussion Rudiments - Multimedia
exploration into percussion rudiments.

Brass Fingerings - Brass instrument fingering charts.

Jazz Resource - Online ultimate guide to jazz.

Mariachi Resource - Mariachi educational resource.

Metronome - Online metronome.

Vic Firth - Percussion educational resource.

Woodwind Fingerings - Woodwind fingering guide.

Xavier Yanez - My site

The Avenger March - 2014 Festival Piece

Shipwrecked - 2014 Festival Piece