Mr. Nelson Science Syllabus

      2017-2018 7th Grade Science Syllabus 

Course Overview

In this course students will expand their knowledge of Earth and Space Science.

Throughout the course, you will be required to come to class prepared to read required text, take notes, participate in discussion, complete investigations including lab reports, and actively participate each day.

Student Expectations

1.       I will be on-time to class.

2.       I will bring all required materials with me each day.

3.       I will treat myself and others with respect.

4.       I will use all school supplies appropriately, creating a safe classroom environment.

5.       I will positively and actively participate in class every day.

Teacher Expectations

1.       I will treat all students equally and respect their suggestions and ideas.

2.       I will set up labs and investigations that challenge students to think.

3.       I will help and support all students without giving them the answers.

4.       I will encourage active participation from all students.

5.       I will discipline any student who does not follow student expectations.


The following materials are what YOU need to bring with you to class each day.


2 pencils with a small handheld sharpener OR 1 mechanical pencil with lead refills

Agenda (provided by school)

Science Notebook


Classroom Resources

The following resources will be provided for you to use in the classroom when necessary.  (These materials were purchased by Mrs. Ericson and the school.)

* Highlighters                                     * Glue Bottles and Glue Sticks

* Colored Pencils and/or Crayons        * Markers

* Scissors                                           * Lab Materials

Course Schedule





Earth Science:

Plate Tectonics, Volcanoes, Earthquakes



Earth Science:

Minerals, Rocks, Erosion



Space Science:

Sun, Earth, Moon, Planets, Galaxies



Earth Science:

Ecology and Scientific Method


Exam Schedule


Topic (s)



CFAs: Tectonic Plates, Earthquakes

Q1 Benchmark


CFAs: Minerals, Rocks

Q2 Benchmark


CFAs: Space

Q3 Benchmark


CFAs: Ecology, Scientific Method


Q4 Benchmark

Classwork / Homework / Late Work / Absent Work / Extra Credit Policy

Classwork will be completed and checked in class.

Homework assignments are due by the date specified by the teacher.

Late Work will NOT be accepted.

Absent Work can be found in the “Look Here” folder and will come with a personal Absent form.  The form must be signed by a parent and completed by the due date listed on the form.

Classroom REMIND APP

Each student and parent is expected to sign up for Remind in which parents and students can keep informed about assignments and what’s going on in 7th grade. I recommend downloading the App to your cell phone for easy access. You must use the information on the flyer provided to access Remind.