Class Expectations

I keep high expectations for ALL my students
1. I expect all my students to come to school with the attitude that they are going to be sucessful.

2. When a student enters my classroom, they need to unpack all items necessary to be successful in math. (notebook, pencils, eraser, pencil sharpener, white board marker, and completed homework.)

3. Start on warm-ups. Compare answers with their partner and discuss any differences and similarities.

4. All talk in my classroom has to be math related.

Class Rules:

No student can keep a student from learning

No student can keep a teacher from teaching


1. Name written on board (warning)
2. Name written on behavior board
3. RTC process
4. RTC
        I will skip 1, 2, and possibly 3 depending on the infraction.
        Depending on the infraction, a referral will be used.

Homework Expectations:
Homework is a vital piece in education because it has the student practice what they learned in class. Without the extra practice, student's will struggle to grasp the skills that were taught. Students will be given one weekly assignment, khanacademy, and I will slowly implement assignments on google classroom.  However, make sure to check your students agendas to verify. I grade my homework as follows: 

1. The homework I assign is graded by how much is completed. * Completed Homework + All Work Shown=  Full Credit *
 2. Student's will earn partial points for showing no work, or for not completing all problems.
3. Obviously having no homework goes into my gradebook as a missing assignment with a zero point value.