Classroom Rules and Expectations

Classroom Expectations



Disrespect in any form will

NOT be tolerated


Can’t is not a word in this classroom!

You CAN and you WILL!

Agenda books are to be utilized by the student and parents should sign the agenda book for completed homework!


Most important expectation:

Have fun!

Homework / Late-work / Absent Policy


The students will be expected to keep a “Science Notebook” for the length of this school year. Everything the students do will be done in or from the science notebook. All grades will be affected by missing or incomplete work.


  • The Science Notebook will be graded DAILY IN CLASS – Any missing or incomplete items will result in a grade reduction
  • Students are expected to complete the HOMEWORK BY THE DUE DATE – if they do not they will receive a ZERO
  • Late work – Work will not be accepted after the due date. However, completed late work does count towards the Science Notebook grades
  • Each student is responsible for completing his or her make-up work. When the student is absent they will receive a “While You Were Absent” paper. The students must complete all work by the due date. Late work is not accepted and the student will not be asked to turn in the work.