Classroom Expectations

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7th Grade Classroom Expectations
Be On Time 
Be Respectful
Be Responsible
Be Prepared


Respectful behavior is expected. I only have four rules for my class: Be on time, Be prepared, Be responsible and Be respectful. If your student is acting in a way that keeps me from teaching or other students from learning, then that student must be disciplined using the guidelines set down in the student agenda.


All Santa Maria Teachers use a behavior chart, in which students that demonstrate appropriate behavior are rewarded. Rewards will be quarterly incentives. Once a student has received five marks within any one category (Behavior, Tardies, Being Prepared, Uniform, and Gum/food/drink) on the behavior chart the students will lose this privilege.

Quarterly Incentives:
1st Quarter - Scream Park and a pizza dinner
2nd Quarter - Stratum Laser Tag
3rd Quarter - Amazing Jakes
4th Quarter - San Diego Zoo