Classroom Expectations



What do I need to be PREPARED for Mrs. Padillas Math Class?
- a PENCIL (I will not accept work in pen)
- loose leaf lined PAPER
- math notebook
- any ASSIGNMENTS that are due
- dry erase marker
- agenda
- a positive, can do attitude


Rational for students working in teams (groups)
It is a more real life situation of how we work in most professions. In the work place we are expected to work collaboratively to accomplish a task or solve a problem. It is important that students learn how to effectively work with others. The students are made accountable to each other as well as the instructor.

Working in teams allows students that better understand the material to learn it better by reteaching it to others. Those who need more assistance are able to learn not only from the teacher, but also classmates.

Teams have been proven to have positive effects on the math scores of English Language Learners and students of all ability levels by making the curriculum more student centered.