Earning Extra Credit

Students may pick up extra credit worksheets only if they have no missing assignments.  If a student has any missing assignments those must be completed and turned in before Mrs. Padilla will give extra credit worksheets.

All students have an opportunity for extra credit by going on Khan Academy at home.  I will check weekly and can tell if students have been on Khan outside of school.  Students must be working on Khan Math 6th Grade to receive extra credit.

Student Log in for Khan is: first name and lunch number with no spaces and password is their lunch number again.


 Every student at Santa Maria has been set up with a Khan Academy account. Khan is a self-directed, differentiated program.  Students work at their own pace and it does go up through college standards, so a student will not be able to top out. Students are given time to work on Khan Academy math in their Academic Enrichment class but they can access Khan Academy anywhere they have internet. Each lesson is accompanied by an instructional video. Khan Academy does have topics besides math that your students will have access to, and if your student loves to learn, encourage them to look into the other topics.  Khan Academy is free so if you have other children that do not attend Santa Maria you can set up an account for them also.  You could even set up an account for yourself.