Classroom Work


Some samples of the amazing work of my students.
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Air masses and fronts project jose vanessa12/11/2015 01:25 PMJanice.Irby608 KB
Alicia and Jacky02/29/2016 12:44 AMJanice.Irby8.28 MB
cesar and chistian12/11/2015 01:27 PMJanice.Irby683 KB
Chloe and Anabel03/03/2016 03:13 AMJanice.Irby5.04 MB
Damien & Ruben's project12/11/2015 01:28 PMJanice.Irby354 KB
Different types of fronts by evelyn12/11/2015 01:28 PMJanice.Irby1.97 MB
elijah j fronts power point 12/11/2015 01:29 PMJanice.Irby1.14 MB
Emily fronts chart12/11/2015 01:30 PMJanice.Irby1.54 MB
Franky and Jae02/13/2017 03:49 PMJanice.Irby5.43 MB
fronts chart Rose12/11/2015 01:31 PMJanice.Irby1.37 MB
Fronts by Emalyn Draper03/03/2016 12:25 PMJanice.Irby97.7 MB
Science project03/02/2016 05:34 PMJanice.Irby174 MB
tyler and Karol02/13/2017 03:51 PMJanice.Irby34.9 MB