Class Expectations

Taj mahal
Classroom Rules and Expectations

1) Be respectful to other students and teachers.
Be respectful of other students and teachers ideas, feelings and property.

2) Show up to class prepared and ready to learn.
Have paper, pencil, homework etc. with you and be ready to work and learn everyday.

3) Communicate correctly in class.
Please raise your hand if you have something to say. Please do not yell out things in class. Please do talk over fellow students and teachers. Your ideas and comments are important, please be patient and wait for your turn to share them.

4) Make a maximum effort in class.
As a student make sure that you are working to your full potential. Pay attention in class. Complete homework in a timely manner. Focus and take your time on your school work. Ask questions if you don't understand something.

5) No talking while the teacher is talking.
Please do not talk while the teacher is giving instruction in class. If you're talking, chances are you're going to miss  important information.


1) A verbal warning
2) Name on the behavior chart
3) R.T.C/ parent contact
4) Office referral


Homework is assigned on Monday and is due on Friday. Late work is accepted up until the end of the week. Each day it's late, points will be taken away from the assignment.