Parent Information


We are continuing implementation of a ukulele program in our room sponsored by Special Olympics.  Your students will be exposed to music by listening to others learn to play the ukulele.  

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*Please make sure that your student always has a change of clothes in their backpack in case of any emergency.

*Also, it is very important that you read your student's agenda, on a daily basis.  This is a very important communication tool for us to correspond back and forth. 

Thanks for your attention,
Nicole Bourgeois Horne
National Board Certified Teacher in Exceptional Needs

If you would like to volunteer or visit, we encourage parents to be involved in their student's education.  If you would like to volunteer or visit; it is important that we set a time and date.  Some of the students in our classroom have a difficult time if visitors come without some preparation.  On the other hand, we do understand there are times that a scheduled visit is not possible.